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Disney dog Scamp marries inner supermodel


»I went directly to the media after I had married Scamp the Disney dog. Scamp had only a single page of Donald Duck magazine when I was a kid. Totally unfair. Scamp is the most complex and, I’d say, the most generous person I know.«

Ebba Skammelsen waves her hand and a waiter brings more sweet wine. Four meringue are rejected with a smile. She’s an inner supermodel. Most recently, her beautiful interior graced the covers of Vogue and Marie Claire. The media usually calls her four times a day. This time it was she who took the initiative and contacted Den Anden Avis (The Other Newspaper). Scamp barks in the background:

»Scamp kiss fat man.«

Ebba pats her husband on the head:

»Scamp kiss Jewish lady with big hands working in the supermarket. But in a moment now. We gotta make this interview.«