Someone is going to grieve at themselves in these times because all the letters addressed to the great recording artist are published for the first time on Penguin Press. The release is divided into two parts and contains, first of all, a statistical survey in which the letters have been reviewed by the author with the intention of revealing the sender’s dreams and aspirations by submitting the letter to the now deceased star in the first place. About 50 percent imagine a personal meeting. About 10 percent imagines a personal response. These are figures that can almost bring one to tears over the naivety of the writers. The other half of the work consists of carefully selected, often quite inventive, suggestions to the star, often of a quite subtle nature. This reviewer was pleased by the fact that the number of pages did not exceed 150. In several ways it is an important work for our times. Four stars out of six possible.

Interpretation 1: There is something at stake, there is a certain wonder why such a work will never see the light of the day because the world is such and so. But what does it mean that: “the world should prevent such a release”? Would the world be a better place, simply if there was such a “cheesy” work?

Would the world be a better place, simply if there was such a crazy work?