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5 Crown Piece Increasingly Popular


If you have four you can get an ice cream. If you have none you can get a regretful glance from an ice-cream man who exclaims “I can’t. Sorry. The money must be on the table in front of me so I can put them down in my cash register so it rattles a bit.” Julius Fiver flips the coin in his hand. “If you look carefully you can see a little area of round air. You have to look in the middle. It’s great, right? But if you compare it with the coin itself, the 5-crown piece is the nicest. I paid five and a half for this. “The Other Newspaper asks Julius Fiver what he wants to use it for. “I want to use it together with a fifty crown note to buy beans. I’m studying theology.*)”

*) In danish, the words for beans and prayers are the same (bønner).