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Sect Wants No Leader


The Other Newspaper has asked Kim Jonsson if he is the man who will step in as charismatic leader of the Saucer sect.

“No. No, I have said. I have an incredible charisma, that’s is true, but this sect, the Saucer, has neither management nor board or anything. They don’t want a leader.”

Sect member Kristina Doko confirms:

“We’re a sect. This is comic enough in itself. If we also have a strange leader, it would simply be too strange.”

A sect without a leader? A sect without a person to tell the others what to think? It makes no sense.

“It’s nice to listen to characters that have a lot of words. I agree with that. But as individuals we cannot vouch for a leader. That would be a humorless overall solution. That will be person worshipping. That would be responsibility and oppression. No thanks.”