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New book: Sounds That Theoretically Awaken Us


An excellent and enlightening book, but are the underlying assumptions correct? Why does Entwistle distinguish between the theoretical possibility of being awakened by bangers on the forehead and ringing bells and rasping, low-frequent sounds in the 24-540 kHz spectrum contrary to the practical, quite significant, likelihood that these sounds not only wake us but in extremely rough ways rouse from powernaps, dozes and nightly sleep periods? Furthermore, the book does not answer my own personal questions about existence and life. This is a pity because it’s a non-fiction book which neither pretends to be a complete mirror of God’s perfection nor the splendor of life without God, if you are non-believer. Although the book in some places is unusually crazy or insane, I’ll give it five stars. It deserves each one of them, although it already contains stars and moons and those lemons with a green peel that everyone can suck. A nice, lovely dance with facts and punctuation.