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Liberalism with Those Drawers That Go Click


Fritz Ulli Hanbor, you allow liberalism to just roll with it and make the best of it, from our café table here in Schatz.

“It won’t be pretty, but let it. Liberalism is a way to drive a car and a way not to be present in a supermarket. A strange and cynical and misanthropic and easily understandable form of humor. But it’s not deep enough to call it anti-philosophical. It evades. It’s hard to get hold of and criticize. Egoistic and craving for power. But it will fail in the end. It lacks answers to the seaweed question.”

The seaweed question?

“Yes. Whether people with curls experience the same as people with straight hair when they step on seaweed on the ocean shore.”

One moment. Please try to bring your index fingers together in stretched arms and with eyes closed.

“I need to do something first.”

Fritz Ulli Hanbor hides behind the curtain. Noises are heard and then a faint snoring.