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Federspiel Meets up With Entwistle


Federspiel: I feel stressed just looking at you.

Entwistle: Why?

Federspiel: Because you have two sticks in your hair, each with a royal crown on. I do not know which one to look at. It’s so incredibly affected.

Entwistle: But I do not have the two sticks on with royal crowns. (He does! -The Editor.)

Federspiel: And you have bamboo rings lying on the floor around your feet tied with yarn.

Entwistle: Well, I have made a book object. Ok, then I’ll take off the big hinge made of bark.

Federspiel: The big hinge made of bark has burned up in the atmosphere.

Entwistle: I’m just going to wear my dress. One moment. Doo da doo. Well what do you think?