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The Influence of The Word ‘Portion’ on The Danish National Mind


It begins in the morning.

“When we are sour in the morning, most of us use the word ‘portion’ without consideration, one can almost say without care. It’s a stiff word. Do you want another portion? Even though a portion considered as a physical entity can not be said to be completely bounded and isolated from the outside world, for example, a Rice Krispies can fly off the plate and down to the floor, which causes a minimal crunch under the slipper, and as a result, the portion as an incident has been cancelled and almost split into infinitely many fractal-shaped Rice Krispies pieces, a portion is, however, an almost undeniable word with a flavor of Latin.”

During the day there are many Danes with a deep aptitude for language research who refuse or directly protest against the portion-word. A typical protest can take place with blue and green flags up and down the main street.

“The word ‘portion’ penetrates imperceptibly and fills our entire sentence and at the same time the subconscious mind of the audience with authority.”