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Dream of Writing A Novel Led to Autobiography


The mentally ill mate Werner Alona has gone with a novel inside him for years. When, on one occasion, he has a dream of a bowl of vegetables and fruit, he knows what to do and sits down in front of his computer. But as things progress, what he is writing becomes an autobiography where he, obeying his duty, in his own words, stands up behind the rudder, looks stupid, and steers the boat into strange places. At one point the ship arrives at a coffee party, but without Werner by the steering wheel. He has gone to his home where he trains two mice. The ship calls him up and Werner exclaims the legendary words, which are also printed on the cover of the book, but without being part of the title: Are you at a coffee party without me, you finger!? The ship blushes and fiddles with the rail and the situation evolves as they both drop their phones while sitting on their own separate shelves. It is strongly emphasized throughout the book that every human being is both a universe and a twit. I agree with this moral prophecy and therefore I will be fine.