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Interview Turned into Neighbor Discussion


An interview with a seemingly boring civil servant which originally had to do with growth and other important issues, was followed by an interesting neighbor discussion through the hedge about whether it is possible to value a day in life with stars. Here at The Other Newspaper we know that our readers like the unpredictable as long as it is kept at a reasonable level and spiced with unbroken and cultured symbolism, so we took a seat in the hedge and took a note. Openly, of course.

“Good day, Magnus.”

“Why do you say good day?”

“Because our conversation is printed in The Other Newspaper.”

“Sure. Fuck that.”

“After several one-star days, a single star may become invaluable. And if you have an even happier day with more stars, these additional stars will feel like strangers, like unjustified intervention.”

“Olsen. You’re talking nonsense. You can’t rate your day with stars.”

(The articles at The Other Newspaper are fictitious. The purpose of The Other Newspaper is to give the public a new, disturbing and humorous reflection of the way we consume news on traditional media and posts on the social media that make the recipient question whether the world needs to change and whether one can live online.)