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Review: The Learning Process: Overmastering, Silence and Mastering


In the book “The Learning Process: Overmastering, Silence and Mastering” we follow the educator Viffi Skram’s labour to get a group of youngsters into a crazy sect.

“The first step is overmastering, which was previously known as vague interest. In this step the student is able to do everything. The second step is silence because it turns out that the student can’t do anything and also that the teachers are far more skilful. And the third step is the actual mastering in which you show off. What interests me is the silence, that is, the second step. Here we find dumfoundedness combined with a strong sense of nervousness.”

If this step is characterized by dumbfoundedness and nervousness, why is it not called the dumbfoundedness rather than the silence?

“That’s because the students get cocky. Already after two weeks they understand that this is just a crazy sect they’re on their way into, but rather than saying kazang!, now I have understood the enormous existential waivers by joining, the students are more inclined to have the membership of the sect and thus give up all resistance and eat the orange and smelly jibberish of injustice.”

What is the name of the sect and what are its doctrines?

“The sect has no name but its doctrines are designed with consideration for the students’ preferences and special abilities.”

Is it not a little bit stupid to teach people what they are already predisposed for? It does not exactly sharpen their sensitivity to their own vulnerability and that of others?

“Yes. I’m making fun of that in the last part of the book which is about coping.”

You are highly intelligent.


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