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New Book: The Software Vase


The groundbreaking science fiction novel, The Software Vase, is built round a simple basic idea, what the world would look like if we were able to install software in a vase. That is, not inside the vase, this would just require a vase-shaped computer or a very small computer you could gently lay down in the vase, of course after emptying the vase of its contents, but in the clay itself. The big question that this wonderful book raises is whether the word vasecomputer would become a common word. It is wonderfully executed by the author Richard Entwistle who, according to the rumor, hummed while he was writing the book. The only weakness of the plot is that the disclosure of the fact that it’s all about vases comes a little early. But after this point the book offers a variety of vases. Almost all sentences are adorned with a reference to a vase of some kind, several of them transparent so you can see the rest of the book’s plot through them.

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