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Beautiful Light Found at Hospital


An unusual light was found this morning at Hvidovre Hospital.

Chief Physician Johan Karboder: “At the hospital, we have many usual lights from lamps and fluorescent tubes. Therefore, an unusual light is of course remarkable and also a little weird and mysterious.”

When The Other Newspaper arrived at the hospital, the finder, Dook van Dut, was unable to answer. He lay in a hospital bed. He was, well, dead.

“It was a terminal patient. When you are so sick, you must, well, die. But it would really delight me personally if you did not try to talk to him. You did not know him personally.”

The physician actually seemed a little strange.

(The articles at The Other Newspaper are fictitious. The purpose of The Other Newspaper is to give the public a new, disturbing and humorous reflection of the way we consume news on traditional media and posts on the social media that make the recipient question whether the world needs to change and whether one can live online.)