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The Professor of The Wrong Questions Turns 4


With a unfailing eye for other people’s flaws, Hoto Bandoto can look back on a long life full of ups and downs. “Hoto has given a large amount of advices. Fortunately, they have rarely been followed.” Hoto’s postman. Hoto plays with a bag full of medical paraphernalia and handkerchiefs and thinks. “The Internet interests me. The state of mind you are in while doing a nasal hygienic preparation while looking at a screen is not suitable for social activity. You sit and hide yourself away when you pick your nose and often say something angry.”

(The articles at The Other Newspaper are fictitious. The purpose of The Other Newspaper is to give the public a new, disturbing and humorous reflection of the way we consume news on traditional media and posts on the social media that make the recipient question whether the world needs to change and whether one can live online.)