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Resin Turns into Amber after Many Millions of Years


Many fathers have tried to play clever in front of their children by telling the two key stories of the tree sap with the strange and comical name. The one where resin after a long time turns into amber and the one in which an insect is absorbed by resin and ends its days in a piece of amber. Then there’s nothing left to tell. The subject is exhausted. But magnate Tor Bismarck has done something about it. He has rolled a huge blanket onto the earth inside the jungle and named the blanket Kalibri, after the Greek word Klummermus, which means “the lord of all amber”.

“A rug has four corners. I don’t know much about what’s going on on the rug. Weaving and that kind of things. The edge of the rug has tassels, but it’s the corners that interest me. Something has to be done in those corners. In the first year there will be a store in every corner. Next, I don’t know. By that time the rug has become spongy because of the rain. Then I paint it with an amber solution.”

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