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Human Resource Employee Drifted Around for Days


Nobody knows why a human resource employee drifted around for days without any goal and without deep philosophical rooting or any other fixed points in the part of the cool realm of reason that is called precocious and avuncular. With no ability to distinguish between sine and cosine. Sine is angular height and cosine angular width, if you consider the unit circle, i.e. the circle that has as its center point the center of the coordinate system and a radius of one. But the human resource employee got by without understanding trigonometry. Without knowing about Socrates’ struggle with the sofists, the aim of which was to train language and argument in order to identify speech that is not about the simple and the good, called arethe, with stress on the last syllable. The parents were both employed in gas and water. The father in gas and the mother in water. When the whole city was well-equipped with these basic necessities, with the exception of the ruler on the school teacher’s desk, the human resource employee chose his career path. Drifting around means the same thing as relaxing while exercising.

“Yes. It’s a nice article you’ve written about Socrates. But the explanation I was drifting around, the one I have come to understand, is that sometimes I feel what I’d call a bit full of days. I am over forty and have a lot of life appetite and I will continue to give and receive love and achieve some things. Full of days. A feeling. I could also choose to listless from existing. There is nothing alarming or strange about it. I prefer these rather strange and unconventional descriptions rather than saying that I sometimes feel dead tired. It is a common thing to say. When you are tired, you lay the cutlery down and collect oneself. One moment. You’re pouring tea into my coffee.”

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