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Interview: Helga Baunsbaun


Helga Baunsbaun, you have worked in the straw business throughout your life.


And is it true that men should have seen each other’s penises in order to become real friends?



“It mustn’t be at the same time, but it is important to remove the pants.”


“Otherwise, the possibilities of seeing the penis are quite limited.”

That makes sense.


And as an older person, your interest in penis theories has decreased and now you’re standing near homeless street vendors and hand out brochures about schizophrenia, that you’ve written to those who does not give money.


How does it affect the homeless people that you overtly blame those who decline to give money?

“They think it’s deeply misplaced, they run after me and pull my hair, but then I hand them another brochure and then we become friends again.”

What is it about?


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