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Celeb Journalist To Sensitive Wijfstrand: “I remember you clearly!”


Sensitive Wijfstrand was surprised to be addressed directly by a well-known journalist on Thursday with the words: “I remember you clearly!”

Joy of reunion. A joy of reunion that did not at first end up with what Wijfstrand had hoped for: That he would be in the newspaper with his portrait and all.

Wijfstrand looks down in his cocoa, crestfallen.

“It’s disappointing. Now that I think about it, it was a rude thing to say, him being so famous. It’s almost like saying: You’ve been found out! or You’re crazy without knowing it! or It takes only five seconds to see you through.”

Cheer up, Sensitive Wijfstrand, now you’re in The Other Newspaper.

“Am I in The Other Newspaper?”

Wijfstrand is clearly encouraged and flings his arms.

The Others Newspapers employee brushes his sleeves.


(The articles at The Other Newspaper are fictitious. The purpose of The Other Newspaper is to give the public a new, disturbing and humorous reflection of the way we consume news on traditional media and posts on the social media that make the recipient question whether the world needs to change and whether one can live online.)