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He Tries to Understand Things He Doesn’t

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The Other Newspaper has met Gorm Rasputin Entwistle, who tries to understand things he doesn’t understand.

“Yes, ok.”

You are sure you understand?

“I understand well, Wijfstrand.”

What are you thinking about?

“I think of how often it happens that boats collide.”


“It is very strange.”

It can happen when it’s foggy.

“It’s foggy now.”


“Let’s return to what you said before. I’ve understood so much that I shouldn’t understand all of what you just said.”


“And I have understood more than that. I understand you shouldn’t understand it either.”

Hmm. I understand.

“And I have understood even more. I understand why you have misunderstood that you should not understand what you were just talking about.”

What is the reason for this?

“They cracker you’re eating.”

The crackers I mentioned just now, that I eat every Thursday?


It says here in incredibly small writing that if you eat them too often you have the risk of misunderstanding the things you should not understand.

“It’s funny you mention it. In fact, I hadn’t seen that at all.”

That may be part of the reason.

“Of course!”

I’m thinking we’re talking 10 percent of the reason.

(Artiklerne på The Other Newspaper er fiktive. Formålet med The Other Newspaper er at give offentligheden en ny, urovækkende og humoristisk spejling af den måde vi konsumerer nyheder på traditionelle medier og opslag på de sociale som får modtageren til at sætte spørgmålstegn ved om verden har brug for forandring og om man kan leve på nettet.)