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TON Video: Too Logical


We need to move.

I’m not going to buy a train for you.

Just a small one?

A train is filthy.

We have to leap out on 30,000 feet of water again.
Navigate between wishes and dreams and the
unfortunate pressure of hope. Move out into the

“We decided to quit our jobs and create growth” is so

We bring the house elves along with us in the in the
passenger car. Our daughter can pull the lever which
makes the train go choo-choo.

You mean move to Ganville?

I’m too happy and too anxious to move anywhere.

We can buy the world’s smallest boat.

Is that right?


Too logical.

(The articles at The Other Newspaper are fictitious. The purpose of The Other Newspaper is to give the public a new, disturbing and humorous reflection of the way we consume news on traditional media and posts on the social media that make the recipient question whether the world needs to change and whether one can live online.)