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Showed The Wailing Wall Through False Diploma


Exceptionally high demands were made on a group of Danish Jerusalem guests’ abstraction abilities and imagination, when tour guide and deputy head in the Ministry of Agriculture Sopsy Wijfstrand drilled a hole in a fake diploma brought to the occasion and showed the side or gable, or part of the roof construction that had crashed and landed in a vertical position, by the Temple of Solomon, used by the Jews as a weeping wall. Some found it “totally crazy” to see the wall “through a hole in something” “when you have traveled 2400 kilometers”. Others directly asked the sweating Wijfstrand: Why see a round version of things? Some declared themselves unwilling to see Gethsemane through a picture of a typhoon, but consented to seeing the bottom of the wailing wall through a straw. Wijfstrand would not allow this and ran away with the straw.

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