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Idea Can Pave The Way for An Even Better Idea


What do you think of the idea of praising all the parties in the Folketing and, in the same breath, creating a gift scheme aimed at DF’s voters?

“Generally or primarily?”

Excuse me?

“Do you mean the question in general or primarily?”

How could I mean it in general? The question is, after all, something very concrete, not something principled or overall. How can I think it primarily? To think something primarily, what does it mean? I’ve never even heard the word primarily used in the context of thinking something.

“Have you never heard anyone say ‘Primarily I think this or that’ “?

Yes, I did. But the fact that you asked ‘primarily or generally’ got me out on thin ice.

“Aren’t journalists supposed to be out on thin ice?”

Yes. But I was prepared to talk about the subject in an academic way and not to ask ‘primarily or generally’ as soon as the camera rolls. When the light was subdued in the studio, you did not say ‘generally or prumarily’.

“You said prumarily instead of primarily.”

Yes. It was a speech error that I often commit when I get nervous.

“Why didn’t you avoid using the word primarily?”

Because the conversation is about that word, because you brought it up.

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