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New book: The Blue Soldier


What’s it like being blue when you’re a soldier? This question is the book’s main one. The book’s second most import question is: what rhymes with the danish word “kartofler” (potatoes)? Does it spoil a huge military parade that a single soldier is blue when all the others are green? This question starts the book. The question also appears in chapters 4, 8 and 14. I think. I think the book’s great weakness is that it does not contain an explanation of how the soldier became blue. There is, though, according to my knowledge, only one way to become blue, namely with blue body paint, but I would like to read a little about that. How Entwistle, because that’s what the main character is called, went down to novelties shop and just popped into the baker on the way home. Do tell it, please. Tell the truth. Remember the details.

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