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A New World Leader?


Bob is taking the world by storm. There’s a potential for leadership, many have agreed. He is smart, he is intelligent, he is sassy, and he gets the work done (through others of course). There’s a fine quality about Bob that seems to bring people in a trance, almost like mind-control, and scientists are baffled how these came to be, as this superpower has been researched for hundreds of years, most sought after by world leaders and politicians. Some suggest this could be the possible effect of Bob’s looks, sometimes cute and sometimes simply magnificent.

How did BOB achieve this level of pawsomeness awesomeness? Are there others like him? Will they successfully take over the leadership as is predicted and also feared by some? Bob and his likes have already won over a million hearts, with their paw awe-inspiring stunts, have people clean their dirty work, feed them food and silently take their orders. The completion of a task is just a cat look away. How far will these feline leaders go, and will they control humans on a bigger platform than homes? Only time will tell.

[Illustration: A rare image of BOB, circulating the internet.]