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An Advertisement for Snoochers


There are some icy patches on the roads but The Other Newspaper’s correspondent manoeuvers deftly and avoids the spots. We drove out to the avowed atheist Noway Godman and the avowed religious Taxi Godman to listen to their statements. I move towards Noway, who backs a few steps, crows like a rooster and hides behind Taxi who scrabbles in his pocket and produces a balloon which he blows up. The first 30 seconds with these two have made quite an impression. We sit down at the cafe table and Taxi begins.

Taxi: “Our recent discussion has focused on whether there is something in other people’s mailboxes or they are put there as a kind of practical joke or revenge against the inventor of the soup plate. I personally think they are empty.”

Noway: “Why? You generalize.”

Taxi: “I checked it out myself. There was only an advertisement for Snoochers.”

Noway: “You completely generalize. Besides, your mailbox is not empty if it contains an advertisement for Snoochers.”

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