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I was surprised when I heard something which happened to my friend who is connected with me on the social media. He thought that I had gone mad or that someone had hacked my account. It was a shocking moment and I asked him what was going on with him. He said to me that he got a kidding message, something like:

“anjg49uhkvj5 5uu58urrktfdtyko9yi-22 ef5jtvcjy”.

At first he thought that it was my password or something like that. It was very irritating to him. Then I asked myself who did the kidding? Obviously It was not done by me. Then I thought for a moment and discovered that when I was busy with my work, my little baby who is 2 years old touched my pc and wanted to play with my laptop.

(Text: Shamim Choyan and Morten Hjerl-Hansen)