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Correct Time Division Led to Unreasonable Swapping Proposal


Many philosophical boys evolve the theory that the day can be divided into crackers of the kind used on New Year’s Eve. Not to get the party going but because it is the done thing. A day is equal to a cracker. You get what you pay for. Hours are the cheap, but beautiful, models of fish, minutes oval pieces of amber, while seconds are simply diamonds of the most impressive kind seen in a long time.
This theory is good. Everyone can see that. But like any good theory, it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of, misuse, and forget during a cruise around the Shetland Islands, a late afternoon with Gregor and his new dog and Svip.
Liberalists argue that you must take the right path if you want to divide the week into seven crackers. The question is which path these fools refer to and whether it leads past Bert’s fish shop.
Male Toothland:
“The question is whether it is fair to swap precious seconds for a foot-shaped time division. A cracker is not worth much. What does it cost? Around 20 danish crowns?”

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