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Famous Diamond- And Gold-Thief Stops Career


The neighborhood’s children will miss him. Yes, he drove through the street with a truck load of green space balls as he shoveled them out on the asphalt. Now he sits in the bedroom with the cheek against the cool wallpaper and dangles with a little silver bell. Thinking. Planning. Mostly thinking. Too much actually. Above the right ear, a slug’s ear has appeared, so fresh air can enter his thoughts and people can see how it is with him: He has been bitten in the leg by a shark. Therefore he totters so I constantly think he will fall over. All the time he gets up and staggers around. Walks to the sideboard with the gold pieces. Walks to the closet with fresh napkins for the corners of the mouths. Walks over and lifts the corner of the carpet. It’s annoying me so I’ve started throwing black things after him and at him. A record hits him in the throat and he drops dead. A piece of felspar hits him on his arm and he sings Wanderlust. A blackbird flies over his head and shits him in the hair.

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Morten Hjerl-Hansen (born 15. June 1973) is a danish blogger born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. I lived for the first 19 years of my life in a liberal-minded, literary and academic home in North Zealand. My mother is a psychiatrist and my father is a chemical engineer. I have two siblings. Throughout childhood, "I invented near-useless things almost every day" and told my siblings "fairy tales" where they themselves were the protagonists. In 1986, I visited Houston in the United States with my family on a stay that spanned three and a half months. I started programming in 1986 and made approx. 20 major projects until I "lost the ability" in 2018. Student from N. Zahles High School 1992. Ry College 1993. Read theology 1993-1994 in Aarhus. Read philosophy 1995-2000 in Linköping, Lund and Copenhagen. Worked as Java programmer 2000 and 2001. Participated in numerous poetry readings in Copenhagen 2002-2007. Got a psychosis in 2007 "which took about 10 years to recover". Married to Else Andersen in 2010 and resides in Asnaes, Denmark. Father in 2014. Has written The Other Newspaper daily in Danish and English daily since 2013.