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Fished Man Out of Ditch in The Name of Equality and Responsibility


The green car stops by the ditch. Giga Manchuri’s eyes shine with expectations of likes. He is feeling swell and has previously contacted The Other Newspaper to make us write a viral article about his achievements. Now he fishes a slack and confused man out of the ditch. The slack man gets a Coke and then Giga speaks in the microphone.

“I did this in the name of equality and responsibility.”

Then the slack man walks over to us. He grabs the microphone and presents himself.

“My name is Paolo Toni. I realize that this was about equality and responsibility and I despise both. That’s why I’m going to lie down in the ditch again.”

This is highly unfortunate for Giga Manchuri. He first tries to turn the microphone off and then he crawls up in a tree disguised as a long-tailed field mouse. As far as Paolo Toni is concerned, he stays in the ditch. And if no acceptable rescuer has come by, he’s probably still there.

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