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Gregor has the characteristic that his expressions and behavior are good for other people’s subconsciousness. He possesses, by virtue of this property, a responsiveness to the human in the human. He has always been aware of that. His move into the countryside has cultivated the property so that his hair was really a bit too boring in relation to his talents and body language at noon on the bus. It caused a younger woman to gawk with a blank expression in her eyes. Whether it was a case of staring hard at him or an unconscious correction in the yellow bus is not known. The only thing certain was that her face color clearly was sallow and her lips a bit too big.

She became, in Gregor’s eyes, the perfect example of unimaginativeness. Therefore he tried to become hypnotized by his own anger and deprive her of humanity and turn her into pure, inveterate unimaginativeness as she sat there in the midst of the city half a day ago. He did not succeed, but how he was pleased to have those thoughts written down as a defense for the colors and the color spectrum that were his and his alone. To fight against the assholes who consciously, or rather unconsciously, would smudge his strong colors together into a sloppy gray just because this ham dreamed of squeezing him between her breasts.

The Other Newspaper catches the woman just as she gets out of the bus.

“I would in no way gaze har on him or correct him, but I could see he was good for my subconscious and that he had built up and developed some skills in this area.”

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