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“I don’t want to talk about theory. Look at the landscape. Theories as far as you can see.”


Uvula. Thank you for coming.


Why turn seriousness into humor?

“Well there are the obvious occasions.”

A humorous speech act leads to comfort, you write in your essay.


You write many pages of dead boring otherworldly philosophy.


But you give only one example.

“The theory is not many days old.”

The example is to invent various common-sounding names for your child and invent various equally fictitious careers for the child. The idea is that your child can read this nonsense later. Why?

“I explain that too. It is because love is something living while the ideas, desires and hopes of the parents of what your child wants and does in life can be more or less stupid. This contrast requires humor and humor is incoherent and contradictory. I want to teach people to do something semi-standard and absurd in relation to each other.”

Beautiful things in life we must not neglect or forget.

“Yes yes.”

Whoa. Are you angry?

“Why do you ask?”

Well yeah no. I just never experienced such a private mood as sourness come to up in an interview situation. It’s new to me.

“I don’t want to talk about theory. Look at the landscape. Theories as far as you can see.”

I can see cornfields, thickets, houses…

“And in the cornfields the theories stick up, in the forest thickets they are glued to every tree and in the houses you can’t open the door because theories block the way.”

What nonsense.


No, that was nonsense.

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