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“In my childhood there were no remote controls”


You must be very old.

“I’m extraordinally old.”

You also look weird.

“You see, I come from a time when we had to go and change the channel ourselves.”

What was it like?

“Those who couldn’t stand up had to walk on their knees. Others sailed to the TV, but most just got up from the couch and walked over and switched channel. I particularly remember the channel buttons.”

It must have been exciting.

“Sometimes you had to turn them and on other television sets you had to push them. That’s why they were firmly mounted. In order not to turn the knob off if it was a pushbutton or crush the TV set itself if it was a knob.”

I can hardly imagine it. It is far from my conceptual world and everyday life. But it is very exciting to listen to. Do you mind if I just place a blue vase here?

“No. At that time, we children had to change the channel for our fathers and mothers. Zitch. Then there was a change of channel and if we were lucky we could see Michelle Pfeiffer standing there, saying he-hoo.”

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