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John Easy Explains: The Delight of A Wonderful Person


Easy, what’s so wonderful about an asshole, I mean … Isn’t it a meaningless pleonasm to describe the delight of a person who is already super nice, unique, wonderful, hardworking, in short: wonderful?
“It’s praiseworthy and laudable of me that I move forward in very small steps towards a description of an exaggerated and all-inclusive praise that is actually just as foolish as a judgment.”
Are you making fun of me?
“I’m just making a kind of a joke.”
It was funny, but would you like to answer my question?
“Oh yes. It’s not a meaningless pleonasm because Raffen Rubenfelt.”
What nonsense.
Because Arlo Sand. You can’t say that.
“Why not?”
Because a name is not an argument.
“Do you know Schrøder Bitten?”
I know Fido Mansur and Leila.
“The two microbes?”
No, the two giants.
“Giants can answer for themselves.”
“With their giant mouths.”
Then and there!
“It’s their business, the business of the giants.”
And then they came to a river.
“And they caught a fish.”
John Easy, I’m the type of interviewer who knows that in an interview …
“In an interview …?”
In an interview there should be room to move away from the topic.
In sheer relaxation. Yes, there are those who would argue that it is in such situations that the unexpected can happen, the unexpected which makes all the difference.
But what did the two giants do after eating lunch?
“They started to fell trees.”
Just like that, totally unmotivated?
“Wait. They can do that just by going for a walk.”
“I had overlooked that too.”
“I didn’t think about that. They are so huge after all.”
They are huge!
“Ai …”
“Now I got it too.”
“Giants. You know. Huge.”

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