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Mapping inequality/exporting the danish welfare model to the rest of the world


In this project for august 2020 our aim is to strengthen countries all over the world so that they will adopt the same welfare model as we have in Denmark.

We’re not going to worry about traditional neoliberalistic concerns like what if shopowner gets money from the state for being a human being he will close his shop. Instead we’re going to focus on other things. Practical things. A website.

Personally I’m not interested in power and I will hand over whatever power I have, i.e. the power over this project and the web hotel credentials, to the first person who applies and who’s willing to sign an agreement to use the web hotel for our common purpose.

There’ll be a transition period until global equality is real.

In this period we must do surreal things like ignoring economical theories and economical laws. The world is not in order but in a state of emergency.

In Denmark we pay 50 percent in tax and take care of each other. Everyone should do this. This is not communism.

Please enter the country you wish to help and donate via PayPal. I will divide the donation amount by two and send half of the money to the government of the selected country and the other half I will share among the applicants based on fair principles.

Greed is not the problem. Greed is part of being a human being like so many other problems. Greed put into system is another thing. We must fight this unphilosphical idea.

Many governments and government leaders don’t know what they’re doing. We all know that.

So we have come to a natural ending of my speech. I hope for your collaboration.

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