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Milk Man Rolling in Money And Lawyer Baked Cake Together


Ingredients are debated. Butter is unwrapped. Eggs are cracked. Bowls found. Stirring, mixing. The kitchen is full of activity.

“I need two serious eggs.”

They both laugh of the joke. Eggs can’t be serious.

“Could you pass me your hand?”

Again, the two grown men laugh. You can give or lend a hand, but not pass your hand. Where does this incredible mutual understanding come from? To The Other Newspaper’s employee it seems they have known each other for a long time.

“Entwistle, please lean over the pot.”

Though there is nothing apparently funny in the request or the wording of the same, it evokes laughter in the rich dairyman and the lawyer. Could it be true? Are the two men really doing something that is associated with and redeems immediate happiness? Again and again these two amazing men defy their selfish inclinations to cook the cake in their own way; with deeds and too much milk. And the most amazing thing is almost that the cake will become dry or even moldy if it is not eaten before immediately. Their work. This unimaginable cake.

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