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New book: Significant People within The Home


Asappi Maradjøngade has written a book about significant people within the home. Special power centers that with their actions, attitude and words mean so much to the rest of the community members that their dominance, occasionally spiced with sourness, seems justified. An apparently ordinary person who outside the home seems almost self-effacing and nice turns into a pure and indispensable genius when the door closes.

“Calling these people, whom the book deals with, domestic tyrants is an oversimplification. They are not oppressors but big strong men who say, ‘I’ll turn off the hotplate for you’. They are a little incoherent. They are also ready to make fun of themselves. They are a bit cutesy. Therefore, I kept the book under 150 pages. People would rather read about people who somehow draw attention to themselves outside the four walls of the home.”

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