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New Study: Communication People Can’t Puke


“It’s a big problem for our society that communication people can’t puke.”

What do you mean?

“If you’re fed up with something you read or encounter in the information society and you’re unable to puke. That’s terrible.”

Why not solve it with communication?

“But communication is impossible, in the sense you communicated just now.”

Take a look at that guy. He is certainly communicating all he can.

“He is alone.”

He is preparing a speech.

“He’s talking to a bracket lamp.”

What’s a bracket lamp?

“A kind of lamp. [Googles.] A small wall lamp.”

What would the world be like if everyone puked all the time?

“You’re an asshole. You are evil.”

I’d so like to communicate with you.

“Lie down. Breathe deeply. Through your nose.”

But this is humiliating. In a room full of communication experts.

“And then … suuusshh … exhale through your mouth. Excellent. 20 times.”

“Do you feel a little better?”

What? I feel relaxed. Where did we get to? It is as if I have already repressed everything.

“You haven’t repressed shit.”

Oh no. Communication. It all comes back.

“Easy! Easy. No tricks! We’re in an interview. You interview me! Remember that!”


“What’s the next question?”

The next question?


“I’m waiting?”

Thank you for your communication.


Thank you.

“This comes as a surprise.”

It feels excellent.

“I’m grateful to you. I need praise constantly. I admit it.”

Nothing to speak of. Phew! What a communication.

“You were the one who had a turn.”

I’m completely aware of that. We both got an opportunity to show vulnerability. Me by behaving like a drooling crab and you by admitting that you like praise.

“Yes. It was a good interview.”

Correction. It was a very good interview.

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