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Puff And Dora


Puff is called Puff. In fact, his name is Sootcasee. A slightly unusual name. Puff has been allowed by Doras and by their circle of acquaintances to be called Puff because in his mind there are allegedly small puffs. At least he claims that himself.

“Puff is a small inner puff of powder.”

That was a very strange sentence, but I understand.

The sentence annoys Dora. She obviously needs to concentrate on something other than Puff and his puffs.

Dora: “I haven’t recently bought myself a dog.”


Dora apparently has puffs too. Puff just won’t admit it. But are puffs-in-others-deniers left to being both mute and unemployed?

Dora: “There was once an elephant. It had four legs. The two of them couldn’t walk. What was left then?”

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