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Reverse Rating in Uber Leads to Good Behaviour


After Uber has introduced the reverse rating system, it has been observed people have started to behave well.

Uber always had a rating system to rate the drivers but now there is an option for the driver to do the same for the customer. Ever since the customers found out, they have started to behave well with the drivers.

Narul, A driver in New Delhi, says that passengers have started to greet him and did not even yell at the traffic on the streets.

Yashita, a frequent customer of Uber, residing in Kolkata, says, “I observed that my rating is 4.2 out of 5 one day. Whereas one of my friend’s is 4.4 and he is more abusive than me. I started to greet the drivers with ‘Good morning’s’ and ‘Good Evening’s’.”

She adds, “One time before getting out I asked the driver to give me 5 out 5, but he rated me 3 in front of my own eyes. I guess plain asking won’t do.”