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Rule Salesman Can Now Afford Hair Transplant to Square Scalp Area


As an amateur doctor, he has spent a lifetime understanding the needs of gay men. As a professional doctor, he has lied and collected firewood for countless campfires to the delight of many people. Gershwin Entwistle looks out over the waving crowd and his lips form a smile as the many people independently of each other forget or disregard the fact that they are in a crowd and pretend to scrawl or feel the way people when they are at a space station.
What rules do you sell?
“Are you interested in them?”
Very. I’ve heard it’s the rules of life.
“That’s right.”
Do you want to sell me a rule about apologies, courage and friendship?
“All three things in one rule?”
Yes, please.
“Then you go to the website and search for the tags apologies, courage and friendship.”
I do it now… I get into something completely different than I expected.
“What did you expect?”
I thought of the rule that an apologetic attitude has no place in a friendship, but a humble, modest and open, but also warm and honest one.
“Mmm. You say a lot of rubbish.”
Do I?
I’ve come forward in the world by saying sorry. Every time I have said sorry I have had a dot of gold engraved in a huge knob of brown clay.
“Then you haven’t come very far in the world. Then you’ve come forward in the button.”
In this button.
“In this button.”

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Morten Hjerl-Hansen (born 15. June 1973) is a danish blogger born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. I lived for the first 19 years of my life in a liberal-minded, literary and academic home in North Zealand. My mother is a psychiatrist and my father is a chemical engineer. I have two siblings. Throughout childhood, "I invented near-useless things almost every day" and told my siblings "fairy tales" where they themselves were the protagonists. In 1986, I visited Houston in the United States with my family on a stay that spanned three and a half months. I started programming in 1986 and made approx. 20 major projects until I "lost the ability" in 2018. Student from N. Zahles High School 1992. Ry College 1993. Read theology 1993-1994 in Aarhus. Read philosophy 1995-2000 in Linköping, Lund and Copenhagen. Worked as Java programmer 2000 and 2001. Participated in numerous poetry readings in Copenhagen 2002-2007. Got a psychosis in 2007 "which took about 10 years to recover". Married to Else Andersen in 2010 and resides in Asnaes, Denmark. Father in 2014. Has written The Other Newspaper daily in Danish and English daily since 2013.