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The Morten Museum Scheduled to Open in Stubberup in The Summer of 2015


“Experience an old-fashioned, sweet and sometimes a little tiring man in his forties and let Morten experience you.”

This is what the invitation reads to cut a long story short. It is further stated that:

  • The only exhibit is Morten.
  • Morten himself opens the door in all kinds of weather, puts on his outdoor things and welcomes you.
  • Morten may well get angry. When Morten gets angry, there is nothing else to do but run out of the Morten Museum as quickly as you can and take flight either right or left on Stubberup Village Road.

Entrance fee: 40 kroner


The purpose of the Morten Museum is to extend people’s knowledge of primarily Morten and secondarily Mortensen, a distant ancestor of Morten who Morten does not like to tell about because Morten finds it best for the museum’s guests to get an impression of Morten himself or just Morten which is as complete as possible.

Who the %¤* is Morten?

Entry fee: 40 kroner

Why do you keep writing the entry fee?

Because the revenue goes to the necessitous. The poor. You dork.

Meaning Morten?


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