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The Taxman Never Misses a Person Even a Child


In our childhood, some of us expect something like this to happen……
A little child prayed to God every day, “O God, please give me five hundred taka.” No takas. Gaining intelligence one day he wrote a letter to God. Unfortunately the letter was lost at the post office for many days. Time went by but none did open the letter. One day fortune came and someone opened the letter.

Having fun, the person sent it to the finance ministry. What was even more peculiar the letter reached the hand of the finance minister himself. He had fun reading the letter and sent 300 taka to the very little child.

Getting taka the child became happy and prayed to God and said, “O God!!!! Why did you send this letter to the finance minister? He cut his tax 200 before sending 300 taka. If it not happened, I might get full 500 tk.”

(Writers: Shamim Choyan and Morten Hjerl-Hansen)