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Three Authors And Three Film Directors Independently Make Works Titled Interest In Junk


There are many strange things going on in the big wide world. Among other things, this is why we have The Other Newspaper. Recently, three writers and three film directors independently created their own projects titled Interest In Junk. The category is something as tasteless as religious horror. Film expert Foska Browne: “I certainly do not think it’s a passing fashion trend, nor is it speculation in fear, like the media always does. What we are dealing with here is a result of the unique creative environment that we have here in Denmark, that forms the basis for many interesting and innovative films and books. Interest In Junk is the latest addition. It’s as interesting as it can possibly be. These artists lend us something really valuable that especially stressed people will fall for. And since the times are such that many people are stressed, just look at the economy, I’m sure these wonderful things will get a huge audience. Unfortunately, I’m unable to devote my time to it because of lack of interest. But I think it’s interesting. It is true that these artists assist their audience in a completely unique way. Ok. At least partly unique. I have to admit I’d rather have heard the story of 12 lazy puffs of wind riding out along Pluck Street.”

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