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Two Seconds to Bark


The artist who became famous in 2005 for painting 200 owls floating in space light blue has done it again. “I found the light blue color again.”, says Hans Row Rice Ricky, and assists a woman who resolutely tries to get over an over-sized cobblestone in the center of the studio. Row Rice Ricky continues smiling: “It’s a real boy’s room color.” The woman secretly makes a wry face with a despondent grimace. “I’ve had less energy lately, so I thought it was sufficient this time to paint a cormorant light blue. Even if it’s just light blue, I think the choice of just one single individual concentrates the color and makes the painting more powerful. When I got the idea, I had to persuade a cormorant, which is very difficult.” The woman smiles a forced smile for just an instant. “But I drank a beer with the king of cormorants and then I got a breakthrough.” The woman blinks her eyes briefly and nervously. “I simply told him about my plans.”

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