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Won A European Trip with Robert Entwistle


“Robert Entwistle. Yes, I remember him very well. He has too much self-irony when he is, physically, out among people and too little self-irony when he is a family person and writes criticism and philosophy and creates his misbegotten idealistic websites that are supposed improve social opportunities on the web. But that’s the way he is. He does not want to harmonize this important personal imbalance, because when he does some of the things he is best at, that is, when he writes humorous things, he feels happy because then there is plenty of room for self-irony, in a completely straight-forward manner. You have to keep in mind that he has a business with self-irony in relation with what he considers one of life’s most important areas, namely the social. He considers God to be loving and passionate – and social. So his form of practice in Christianity is about being social and a little self-ironic at the same time. That is what he is struggling with in the development of his literary voice and the production of humorous books. With this attitude, he battles the linguistic evils of our time. Nonsense in the media, overinformation and the concept of normality are his targets. He fights brutalization and hypocrisy with clown acts that praise the strange and alternative and aims at linguistic precision and surprises.”

He says things gets out of hand for him when he is sad, angry or happy.

“Yes. He can also be sentimental. But in fact, there are plenty of situations where things don’t get out of hand for him.”

Then his wife came into the picture. He got married and had a baby.

“Yes. She became something of a rescuer. In an age that despises rescuing one another in a relationship, one must almost say that’s what she did.”

And now you have won a European trip with him.

“Yes, I am looking forward to it, only the thought is a little tiring.”

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