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You Are Not Invited!!!


A wedding ceremony is very important. We all love the enjoyment and various types of delicious food items. That’s why we made a gang who wants to enjoy wedding the party but does not get invited to the party. Actually we don’t get such delicious food items where we come from. And our close relatives and friends don’t get married very frequently. But we want to enjoy the wedding ceremony, whether we receive an invitation or not. Names are a major problem, when we see that it’s a western culture based party. Then we change our names to David, Luiz, Jackson and call each other by those names. At a hindi party we change our names to Rajesh, Narayon, Dev or something like that. At a muslim party we change to Abdullah, Mohammed, Rehman. Entering wedding parties without invitation is not an easy thing to do. When someone in our gang is caught by an authority, we go tell


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