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The Other Newspaper is a humorous, left-wing newspaper.


Our key political issues are:


1) Removal of the public benefits ceiling.
2) Removal of the 225-hours rule.
3) Reduction of the amount of poor children.
4) Relaxation in the rules of early retirement pension.
5) That Europe over the next 30 years accepts 1.5 million refugees every year.
6) Work for peace on Earth. E.g. The Tribunal Society for The Investigation of Denmarks wars in Iraq and Afghanistan [Link]
7) Grade-free high-schools.
8) Free admittance to universities with the exception of the goofy educations architecture and sociology.
9) Psychiatry as a subject in basic school.
10) Philosophical training for all students.
11) Drop philosophy of science at universities.
12) Google og Facebook should be copied and run by UN.
13) International co-operation regarding how neural networks can be used to further equality globally.


Peace to work


We live in a global society which has turned itself sneeringly against the “hoola boola” which The Other Newspaper represents.


We are a group of highly intelligent free spirits. To co-operate is not our usual job.


Some of us, me as well, are psychologically vulnerable. Therefore we request urgently that we are left in peace which is why we ask you readers to contribute to The Other Newspaper being a secret place on the Internet. We won’t have links and mention in blogs and from Twitter. It’s OK that you link from Facebook.


Personal thoughts about The Other Newspaper (MHH)


The Other Newspaper is a slow language philosophical mobilization based on the good life.


If you believe without standing on your faith (lifting your index finger), do not use words as coincidence and fortunately, and use the word action very carefully, you have passed the test, and you only need to read for your pleasure. Why have I not written a dissertation, a treaty, a poem collection or a novel? That’s because my ego is not very big.


But if you snuggle about words like “truthfulness” and “unity” without perceiving yourself as a cynic, then I’ll come after you!


Morten Hjerl-Hansen, Stubberup 10. september 2018

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