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Iris Road: “When I figure things out, it’s an experience”


“You can say that my new poetry collection is about longing and presence and a third thing, namely the opinions about mountains of Mary, Queen of Scots.”

On the face of it, I would say that I’m glad you included the last topic, because there’s no obvious connection at all between longing and presence, whereas longing for presence is commonly known.

“Now you fucking shut up. I hate you. Longing for presence is trivial. It is in the very ‘and’ in ‘longing and presence’ something lies hidden that I have found in my hard labour and quite unnatural and affected investigation that I hope others will think is exciting as well.”

That’s bullshit. The world is about to go to pieces and you claim to find something of importance in the word ‘and’.

“Unbearable idiot. I hate you. The letters ‘a’ and the letter ‘d’ both contain a hole in how you write them.”

If you want to steal my purse, do it with more discretion. Hand it over!

“Brutal lout. I hate you. But one can say that the status of me is the fact that when I figure things out things it’s an experience.”

You could have written in a trivial update on Facebook. Why have you written a whole book about it?

“I thought my Facebook friends should be spared from listening to such nonsense.”

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