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“And when you reach the final sentence something of a rather private nature happens…?”


“As a historian, and because of my being a historian, I had to drop the history subject because I my aim had originally been sitting down in order to attempt to get an overview of the general and individual competences of the children of Christian the Fourth.”

Was that your only profession?

“I was also crossroads.”

You can’t use that for much.

“At least you can’t make money from it.”

To summarize something that already appears in short form and therefore does not need to be summarized: They were skillful cauldrons. Children, sorry.

“They were magnificent.”

They were good at making a decision anyway?

“Exactly. Haha. You know almost as much about Christian the Fourth as I do.”

They were also good at the thing you do before making a decision as a wise human being?


I think of those people who are considering the possibilities?

“I’m thinking of exactly the same.”

Our interview is very fascinating.

“We hardly need to think.”

It’s flowing from us.

“But I get to know Christian the fourth pretty well. Finally, I knew him so well that I almost stood in front of him.”

OK. The. Sounds a little eerie.

“That’s exactly right. The contradictory, mighty, mumbling monarch.”

You then read about his children and one of them is Corfitz Ulfeldt.

“No. Corfitz Ulfeldt gets married to one of the king’s daughters and later becomes one of the greatest traitors in Danish history.”

No. Corfitz was King Christian the fourth lawful son.

“No, he wasn’t. Keep in mind I have studied the subject. That’s why I’m in your interview.”

Haha. Sure. You’re right. I forgot. But how far do you progress in your studies of Christian the Fourths children before their determined determination simply overwhelms you?

“I read a sentence about a mile long about the son called Gustav. At that time the sentence lay as a paper strip alongside a country road.”

And when you get to the last sentence, something of a rather private nature happens…?

“Yes. I screw.”

Right now?


Well. I noticed you fumbled you nuts.

“Not at all. I just fumbled my genitals.”

That’s what I meant.

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