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Father Bransalund: Figures Picked Pear


Skapper Garadján looks at me in amazement. He has never been interviewed before and therefore didn’t know how to prepare.
“I haven’t been interviewed before.”
But you know TV interviews?
“I don’t own a TV.”
But do you watch TV?
Look here
“What’s that?”
It’s a TV.
“It’s small. Who is he?”
It’s Father Bransalund. He’s being interviewed.
“How does he actually do it?”
He just answers the questions.
“What if there’s something he doesn’t know or can’t express?”
That’s not the case in an interview. The conversation flows. Like now. Between the two of us.
‘Aha. I hadn’t thought so. I’m being interviewed right now.”
Yes. We’re actually done.
“Wow, you were so good at it!”
One sec. It was you who were good at it! I’ve tried it before.
“Have you also been interviewed?”
Well, people don’t want to listen to me.
“Don’t say so.”
I’ll tell you something. If you have a big ego and want to mean something to people in their world, so to speak, then you actually have to be an interviewer and not the one being interviewed.
“Shouldn’t you just take it more easy instead?”
You can’t help spreading wonderful energy once you learn how, my uncle always said.
“What was your uncle’s profession?”
He was a master builder.
“Was it him who put a single plum stone into the mortar when he covered Kronborg with cute little chimneys for the dance festival i 2008?”
How could you know?

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